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Raghadan Mast

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Raghadan Mast – Postcard

This is a print of my original watercolor painting that I hand painted using watercolors on watercolor paper. All postcards designed in a unique way, and in a high-quality production process.

  • High-quality printing.
  • Dimension: 10.5*15 cm
  • Envelope included.
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About our postcards :
Our postcards are an art valuable pieces not only souvenirs. It’s a high-quality prints of watercolors paintings by the Artist to express the love of Jordan. It’s one of the best choices for tourists to take as a memory or souvenir from Jordan to all over the world .
  • High-quality printing.
  • Dimension: 10.5*15 cm
  • Envelope included.

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2 reviews for Raghadan Mast

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